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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Keeping kids Busy during March Break

March break ideas, activities for kids

This year we are not able to go away for March break.  Hubby will only take a day or two off from work because of a project deadline he is working on.  So we are staying local, and I know we will still fill our days with activities... every day.  Or at least that is the plan. 

Here are some ideas to keep the kids busy...

1. Explore your Town/City
  • Google "Free Activities during March Break 2014" in your town. You would be surprised at the number of activities going on.  Museums, Art Galleries, Libraries, Churches,  just to name a few.
2. Visit the Library
  • Libraries are a great place to spend a couple of hours.  Many of them have play areas with "quiet toys", reading circles, and activities going on during March Break.  Not to mention you can check out books, magazines, movies and sometimes even toys... for free.
3. Check into a local hotel with a pool
  • If you live in colder climates (like us) this is especially fun for the kids, and you can bring some magazines (or a book) and hang out pool side. I actually found one within 15 minutes of my house that I can bring the dog with us overnight. (this might get pricey so do research)
Indoor Pool at Hotel
4. Check Out Pinterest for Kid's Crafts.
  • I have been pinning great ideas for Crafts on my Pinterest Craft Board.  It's amazing what you can make with tubes of toilet paper, cereal boxes, egg cartons and some imagination.

via Craft by Courtney

5. Bring out the Board Games

  • Sometimes an afternoon of sitting around in your p.j.s and eating popcorn and playing board games is great fun. Or making puzzles.  Goodwill is always a great place to pick-up new ones too.
Our Favourite Board Games
6. Go toboganning/tubing/skating
  • Spend an afternoon of tobogganing/tubing/skating, which is exactly what the kids need to burn off their pent-up winter energy. If you live in a colder climate like us, I'm sure you will find a snow-covered hill somewhere around your neighbourhood   And if you don't have any snow-covered hills around (I'm totally jealous) Please play safe and make sure kids have helmets.
Afterwards come back home for Hot chocolate and some Hot Chocolate dippers. (if you still have candy canes hanging around like me. :)

7. Go see a Movie
  • Check around to see if their is an in-expensive matinĂ©e at local movie theatre. Or ask at your church/library if they are having a Movie Afternoon/night. I know our church is having one, and I'm sure others are too.
8. Spend the day baking 
  • Get out all of your baking essentials and designate a day of baking.  My little guy loves to bake. And my teen daughters have gotten into trying new recipes, while I'm near by to answer questions. The other benefit is that you can pack goodies into your freezer for when the kids return to school. ;)

Here are some cookie recipes to get you started.  Or check out my Pinterest Board!

9. Go to your local Dollar Store

  • I love the Dollar Store.  You can find cool craft items there, that will keep the kids busy for hours.  Pair them with items from the recycling bin, and let their imaginations go wild.
10.  Have a theme day at home
  • Designate one day where you will have a "theme day".  All the activities for that day would revolve around that theme. 

Some Ideas would be:
  •  "Picnic" where you set-up picnic area, with picnic-type food, and even games. 
  • Beach - where shorts/t-shirts, bathing suits, fill up the bathtub/sink and throw in some beachy toys. Have beach inspired toys.
  • Set-up a tent at home (using couch cushions and blankets) and pretend you are camping outside.
{Do you notice a pattern here? All my themes involved being outside in the warm summer air. ;) }

Use your imagination, or ask the kids. I find they have the best imaginations and ideas, don't you think?

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What will you be doing this year for March Break?
Will you be travelling or staying local?

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