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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Kitchen Reveal - Phase 1

spray painted dark cabinets into white cabinets

If you follow along on Facebook, then you already know, that our kitchen reno plans have been going on for the past couple of weeks.  I can now finally shout it from the roof tops that as of yesterday Phase 1 is completed!  Yay.  Even Anthony was amazed at the results.  ;

Here is our "new" kitchen...

spray painted dark cabinets into white cabinets

I hired someone to spray paint the cabinets for me.  I think he did a fantastic job.  For the local readers, his name is Rob and here is link to his website. Tell him I sent ya. ;)

I debated on doing it myself, but I knew it was too big of a job for me to undertake myself.  I wanted the cabinets spray painted for durability and I do not own a spray paint gun or have the space to actually do it in. The sides of the cabinets, valance are hand painted.  The crown moulding, doors, and any other easily remove pieces were spray painted in Rob's workshop.

spray painted dark cabinets into white cabinets

All of you eagle eyes will notice the glass corner cabinet is still in the original wooden colour.  I have other plans for that cabinet and I didn't want it in white.

While I waited for the doors to be finished I painted the previous beige walls, myself.

The wall colour is City Shadow by Benjamin Moore, and its in their Aura paint in a matte finish.

It's quite a dark colour, but I think it "grounds" the white, since you only see it above the cabinets and on the side of the fridge and stove.

Benjamin Moore - City Shadow CSP -60
Benjamin Moore - City Shadow CSP -60

I also removed the Microwave from the shelf beside/above the stove.  It was in an awkward place, and visually it bugged me.

spray painted dark cabinets into white cabinets

We also changed the hardware on the drawers.  Instead of knobs we added handles.  It was only three handles, which is a good thing because at $10 per handle that would have added up quickly.  The knobs were given to me for free.  The old ones were a little scratched up and Erin the kitchen designer at Hillman Kitchens,  had a bunch of them left over for other kitchens, said I could have them. We    have ordered the new additions to kitchen from them.  Those should be ready some time in April.

Here is a close up...

Do you want to see the before picture?

And now the after again...

spray painted dark cabinets into white cabinets

So that is Phase 1 of kitchen Update.  I'll share with you soon, the plans that I have for the rest of kitchen.

I asked on Facebook a few weeks ago... white or dark kitchen.  Most people chose dark for the "keeping it clean" factor.  This is my third white kitchen, and I find the that my white kitchen's stay cleaner because if I see it, then I clean it.

So tell me, do you prefer White or dark kitchen? And more importantly, what to do I put in the old Microwave shelf? ;)

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