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Monday, 24 February 2014

Planning for Kitchen Phase II

 A couple of weeks ago I shared with you Phase I of kitchen update. I thought I'd share with you my vision for the rest of the kitchen... with drawings.
Our home is about 9 or 10 years old.  The kitchen cabinets are of good quality and are in excellent condition. So why did we have the cabinets spray painted, you ask? One of the main reasons that we chose to paint the cabinets, was to have a co-hesive look throughout the kitchen, because we need to add more storage. This kitchen is lacking in storage. I have small kitchen appliances, pots and food stored all over the basement.  I am constantly running down stairs to grab this or grab that. I miss not having a large island and a pantry.  So once I was able to figure out who originally installed cabinets for my builder, I put a plan into place to have my dream kitchen.

pictures of previous owners belongings
These are three things I have bothered me about this kitchen.

1. The kitchen island is impossible to organize.  Everything gets lost in there.  It is also small, so only two people can sit at it.  Which is a problem since I have three children, who like to sit at the island to do homework, eat snacks, have a chat with me while I make dinner.

2. There is so much wasted space under the window. Since we are not having a kitchen table in this room, I knew we could make better use the space by installing a pantry.

3. The cabinet above the fridge is totally useless, because of me being vertically challenged and not being able to reach anything up there.  I forgot that's where I stored my popcorn bowls until Rob the painter took the doors off and I saw them up there. I'm constantly throwing things into a basket above the fridge... because I can.

Above is pic of the kitchen with our stuff in it before we had it painted.  I installed some shelves beside the cabinets, but I never finished them, because I didn't like them.  I built a desk under the shelves, but I never finished them, because something didn't seem right.  Are you seeing a pattern here? I start but don't finish, because I just wasn't happy.

So now unto the plan...

Here are the drawings for Phase II.

1. The Island

 - We decided to move the microwave from shelf beside the stove vent, and place it in the island.  I'm having my brother-in-law install an outlet for the microwave.

-  One thing that I had in my last kitchen that I absolutely loved were the pot drawers, so I had to have them. At the ends with had 2 cabinets added for more storage.

-  This island is large enough to fit 4 stools at it. It will be approximately 7 feet long.

- The cabinet doors will match the doors of the rest of kitchen but they will be in a different colour.

design of kitchen island with built-in microwave

2. The Pantry and window seat

- There is a shallow pantry going on the wall beside the window. It's deep enough to fit cereal boxes, I measured. We were limited in depth since their is a patio door right beside it.  The wall beside the pantry is not that wide (drawings are a little off)

- Under the window will be a window seat with a hinged lid.  I figure I can store things inside like dog food, and outdoor stuff we need in summer. I will eventually make or find a cushion for it. I left the mudroom one behind at the old house.

- One the other side of the window seat will be the desk that I built in the picture above.  I had Rob the painter spray paint the legs, and front skirt for me.  I am currently trying to find someone to cut the granite from the old island to fit on top of the desk, for continuity. Fingers crossed, I might have found someone, just waiting on price quote.

3. The Cabinet above the fridge

-  I ordered a new cabinet Box and a gable for the side of the fridge.  We are re-using the originals doors that we had spray painted.  Also we had to order a new section of the crown moulding.  I think a deeper box cabinet, will be more useful for storage, and I will be less tempted to store things on top of the fridge and thus not making it look so cluttered up there. ;)

So those are the plans for Phase II.  I still need to make a plan for the light fixtures.  I'm leaning towards three pendant lights above the island, and then flushmount light fixture where the fan is. Maybe some spotlights. We'll see. I'll surprise ya. ;)

I still haven't decided on the counter top for the island.  I have two options: granite to  co-ordinate with existing granite or butcher block.  I've lived with granite before in my previous kitchen, but I don't know much about butcher block.  Any advice?

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