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Friday, 28 March 2014

FEATURE FRIDAY - Interview with Addicted 2 DIY

I love finding new blogs and I love sharing them with everyone.
I'll be featuring a new blogger every Friday. 
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This week I'd like to introduce you to Katie from Addicted 2 DIY.

Tell us about yourself!

I'm a stay-at-home mom to two boys (ages 6 and almost 8).  I'm an Arizona native and will probably never live anywhere else, although I've always dreamt of living in Texas.  My husband and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and I can't even put into words how amazing he is.  I love coffee, wine, and DIY.  My favorite thing to do is be outside with my family.  We love camping, hiking, and riding our quads together.

How long have you been blogging?  

I published my very first project on October 1st of last year.  I have been having so much fun and the time has flown by!

Describe your perfect day!

 I'd probably say any day when I can spend it without a care in the world and enjoying some time with my boys.  Life gets so busy sometimes, so a day when we can slow down and just enjoy ourselves without a "to do" list is definitely a great day.

Name one person from past or future you would like to spend the day with.

That's a tough question.  I would love one last day with my grandmother.  She died from cancer almost 8 years ago and she and I were very close.  I spent so much time baking with her growing up.  She was also very crafty and creative, so I learned a lot from her.  I'd love to tell her how much she has inspired me.

DIY Laundry pedestal

What Inspired you to start Blogging?

I have always been the type to look at something and say "I could make that."  I'd share things with my family and friends on Facebook all of the time, so starting a blog just seemed like the next step.  We also purchased our home 3 years ago and it has been a work in progress ever since.  I thought it would be fun to share what we have done so far with remodeling so far.  I also hope to inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone and try some DIY projects of their own.

What is your favourite post and why?

That is such a tough one!  I love them all in different ways.  If I had to choose just one, it would be the kitchen island I built for my mom.  I built it entirely by myself and it took me so far out of my comfort zone.  I learned a lot from that project and it really helped me to build my confidence in my abilities.  

DIY Kitchen island

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

A lot of times they just pop into my head, which is really funny because I never had ideas like this before.  I was always crafty, but I usually was just making things I found on Pinterest.  Somehow, having my blog has opened up my creativity.  I'm certainly not complaining though!  I also love Pottery Barn, so a lot of my knock-off furniture projects are inspired by their catalog.

What has been your biggest challenge in blogging so Far?  

My biggest challenge has been to find balance.  Sometimes I feel bloggers need to be Olympic gymnasts with the balancing acts they have to accomplish.  I'm still struggling to find that right balance between family, home, and my blog.  I have an amazing support system though and it definitely helps my stress levels when my husband is encouraging me.

DIY painted kitchen towels

What excites you the most about blogging?

Seeing my blog reach people all over the world is a HUGE thrill.  I had no clue my blog would grow to the point is has in such a short time.  I've heard it said that comments are like crack to bloggers, and it is so true.  To have someone tell me her husband was grounding her from my blog because it was therefore creating more work for him was a huge compliment!

Any advice for newbie bloggers? 3 tips to make blogging easier

1. Don't ever compare yourself to other bloggers.  It is hard to do, but remember that you started this to be your own voice and opinion.  I have felt discouraged many times since I have started, but I've had to stop trying to compare myself to well-established blogs and focus on putting out the best content I can.

2.  Find a group of bloggers that you can network with and become friends.  I was so fortunate to have been nominated for a Liebster award by Amanda at Well-Groomed Home.  That started the ball rolling towards meeting two other amazing bloggers that I also get to call my friends.  We all started our blogs at virtually the same time, so that (in my opinion) has made it even better!  We can share what we have learned and also share new opportunities with each other.

3.  Check out the how-to tips from other bloggers.  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to blogging tutorials and it has been such a huge reference for me.  There are tutorials for design, content, advertising, etc.  I have learned so much and I'm still always learning.

Peach Pie Moonshine

If you would like to follow Katie, here is her Social Media:

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I honestly can't decide on which project of Katie's I like best! holy camolly! You got check out the rest of her furniture projects!! (here's the link). If you want to see more of Katie's projects,  then head on over to Addicted 2 DIY. Tell her I sent ya. ;)

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