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Friday, 7 March 2014

FEATURE FRIDAY: View From the Fridge

I love finding new blogs and I love sharing them with everyone.
I'll be featuring a new blogger every Friday. 
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This week I'd like to introduce you to Katie from View From The Fridge

Katie is the writer and creator of View From The Fridge.  She is also the mom to two adorable little boys (and another baby on the way), and wife to a great guy! She loves to craft, decorate, dream up projects for her home, and she’s learning to love to cook (though not there quite yet).  Her husband is a Financial Advisor, therefore all of their projects are always on a budget (which is usually a lot less than she would prefer … but she loves a challenge).  Katie also enjoys coffee, a good glass of wine or beer (when she's not expecting!), running, and anything outside.  She lives in Minnesota and takes full advantage of the wonderful (but short) summer season outside with her family.

Katie at View From the Fridge

How long Have you been blogging?

View From The Fridge started last February with my sister and I both contributing.  We loved it!  However, after just a couple months our father passed away in early April.  We were overwhelmed with everything that had to be done, and couldn’t continue to keep up the blog.  I started up again this past fall (September 2013), and have been LOVING it!  I’ve ‘met’ so many people, and just love the blogging community! 

Why did you decide to start Blogging?
I’ve always loved DIY projects and anything crafty and homemade.  It’s sort of a problem … I don’t like to BUY anything that I could possibly MAKE (however, I don’t always have the time).  I started the blog back up this past Fall because of that passion and for a couple other reasons:
  1. We just purchased our current home in September, and have lots of fun plans for it.  I wanted a place I could document and share our progress, and a blog seemed like the perfect place!
  2. After our second son was born, I moved to working part time (3 days a week) which was a change I felt so fortunate to be able to make!  Last fall … right around the same time as we purchased our home, I reduced my hours down to working ONE day a week outside the home. I just love being home with my boys, but also wanted a creative outlet of my own … enter View From The Fridge.

I see you have an Etsy Shop. What is your vision behind it?

I started my Etsy shop, Twirlybird Designs, when my second son, Charlie, was 5 weeks old.  I had so much fun creating items for his nursery that I wanted to continue creating baby stuff.  Problem was … his room was full!  I decided that opening an Etsy Shop seemed like the perfect solution.  Also, I have a HUGE love and obsession with fabric.  My thoughts were that occasionally selling some items on Etsy made from  this fabric might help help offset the cost of my fabric hoarding obsession!  I am happy with the amount of business that I get from it right now.  It gives me a little extra money coming in, but still allows me to spend time with my boys AND on my Blog!

What is your favourite post and why?

Hmmm …  this is a tough one.  I have a couple favorite projects, but I’m not particularly proud of the posts themselves (these were early projects before I learned how to edit pictures and write better posts).  I’d have to say, however,  that my handmade Christmas ornaments made from my Dad’s old shirts that I made as a Christmas present for each of my siblings was probably the most meaningful project.  And my all time favorite project was my Craft Closet Organization that I did earlier this year.  It has made such a huge difference in my motivation, inspiration, and general sanity!!

Craft Closet Organization
Craft Closet Organization

Special Homemade Christmas Gift
Special Homemade Christmas Gift

Describe your typical day.

Typical day?!?  I just laughed … out loud.  My days are never the same!  They do, however, always seem to have one thing in common.  Blogging and crafting after the boys’ bedtime!  That’s the only reliable time that I can work on my projects (at least the ones that don’t involve the boys).  Even here, however, I’m trying to find some balance (and find some time to hang out with my hubby).  Other than that, I spend my days driving to and from Preschool, local storytimes, Michael’s, JoAnn, and Target, the grocery store, and indoor parks.  With Spring {hopefully} approaching soon, I plan to spend a lot more time going for walks, going to the outdoor park, picnics, swimming, taking the boys to the beach, etc (can you tell I’m excited)?!?  IfI happen to get ‘lucky’ and both boys decide to take a nap at the same time, I occasionally get some crafting in during the daylight hours.  I usually try to get pictures taken during this time (they just look so much better in the daylight!).

With baby #3 arriving in just over two months, however, who knows what my days will entail. I have no idea what to expect with three little kiddos in the house!  Stay tuned …

What has been your biggest challenge in blogging so Far?

Finding balance and prioritizing (I realize that’s two, but couldn’t pick one).  I have a million and a half ideas for  home projects that I’d like to get done, craft projects I want to dry, and DIY projects in mind.  Finding time to tackle these things, however, does not come as easily for me.  I could stay up every night until the wee hours of the morning working on projects, reading other blogs, working on my writing posts or designing my site (and have been know to do this), but I know it’s just not good for me.  I’m working on trying to prioritize what’s important to me and my blog readers.  I’m trying to get better at balancing the projects, with the blogging community interaction, the updates to my site, and all the social media stuff.  I’m trying to figure out what a typical week sound consist of on my blog so that I can ensure I have plenty of time for my boys and husband (and, I suppose,  a little time to clean up the house every so often).

What excites you the most about blogging?

Meeting other bloggers and getting to know them better.  This is something I had no idea about until I jumped into the blogging world myself.  I’ve always loved to read blogs, but had no idea the kind of community that was behind all of that.  I’ve found that blogging is addicting.  I really do enjoy everything that goes with it (except the occasional technical problems that I’m usually clueless about).

toilet paper crafts
Toilet Paper Roll Leprechauns

Any advice for newbie bloggers?

What?  I am a newbie blogger, but I guess I have learned a couple things so far.  #1.  Take it slow.  Try to prioritize what you want to accomplish each week, and focus on that.  Like I said, I’m still working on this one).  It’s a little overwhelming at first just  getting the hang of your blogging platform.  Then add in all the social media stuff you could work on, getting to know other bloggers, figuring out how to take and edit your pictures, etc,it’s easy for  the to-do lists get out of control.  Set small goals each week, a plan to accomplish these, and then focus on that.  Next week … change it up a bit.  You’ll never have time to do everything (at least I haven’t even come close yet), but with steady progress in three months you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.  That, and if you are an amateur at photography and editing pictures, check out PicMonkey.  It’s free, super easy to use, and you can find a million tutorials out there to help you along the way!    

If you would like to follow Katie and View from the Fridge, here is her Social Media:
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I absolutely love the ornaments made from Katie's dad's shirts. I would treasure those forever. What a unique idea. If you want to see more of Katie's projects and pics of her two little cuties,  then head on over to View from the Fridge. Tell her I sent ya. ;)

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