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Monday, 24 March 2014

March Break Re-cap

Hey all!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  Hubby and I spent some time this weekend looking for a stove!  spoiler alert, still haven't bought one! I'm hoping to get that done today!

I realized this morning that I hadn't shared our March Break pics.  Do you remember when I talked about some ideas for March Break?  Well, we were able to do a bunch of stuff on my list, except I only took pics of our trip to Maple Sugar Shack, because that is how I roll.

Here are a bunch of pics from our afternoon...

This was a random pic of a teepee on the property.  It looked like it was put together with fallen wood from the property.

The Maple was taken from the trees with this little contraption.  A hole was drilled into the maple trees, this hose is tapped in and then it flows into buckets.

This was the sign leading into the "restaurant" on the property.

Yummy pancakes with maple syrup from the property.  Here is my fave recipe for pancakes!

The Maple syrup left on the tables for everyone to enjoy with their pancakes!

For a donation of .50 cents you could go a carriage ride with these two.  Look how muddy the ground was.  It was a "warmer" day that day, so the ground was thawing... just a little.

My two beauties when we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride on the property.

And my handsome fellas!




That week, hubby took a few days off, and we did a few other things.  We went to catch a movie (where I promptly fell asleep). Hubby and the kids went bowling.  We went for dinner.  We had thought of going to a local hotel with a pool, but since we went away for Family Day, we decided to forgo that one.  

It was a fun week.  What did you do?

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