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Friday, 11 April 2014

FEATURE FRIDAY: Interview with Tiny Sidekick

I love finding new blogs and I love sharing them with everyone.
Every Friday, I'll be featuring a new blogger. 
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This week I'd like to introduce you to Corey from Tiny Sidekick.

What Inspired you to start Blogging? 

I've always had a thing for interior design.  I can't go anywhere without taking in all of the details and love to decorate my home in a way that is unique and styled but comfortable and kid proof. So after years of helping friends and family make design decisions, starting TinySidekick seemed like a perfect next step to share my ideas with everyone.  I was a high school teacher for 8 years until I became a mom in 2010 and then after my second was born I really started needing something that was all me.  I published my first post and over the last year I've really enjoyed this journey.  Blogging really does marry my love of teaching and explaining, with my creative side and has really pushed me to discover how many diy projects I am capable of.  From that light bulb moment (that often comes in the middle of the night) all the way to execution.  My hope is that I inspire others to take on some diy and make their home just the way they want it.

What is your favourite post and why?

My favorite post is probably my West Elm Knock Off Tripod Floor Lamp because when I first had the idea and tried explaining it to people I really had to stick to my guns when it came to them having suggestions that would change my design.  When I get an idea for a project, it is really important to me to get the end result I want including all of the small details.  This project pushed me in terms of sourcing materials that would make it work and keep true to my vision.

It is also my favorite because I love West Elm, but typically don't have the cash for their bigger items, so the fact that I made this lamp for so much less...well, I sorta impressed myself!

If money were no object, where would you vacation and who would you take with you?

I would most definitely go back to Costa Rica and splurge on a nice resort for at least part of the time.  I spent a bit of time there studying when I was younger, but there were so many parts that I didn't get to.  I would take my husband and my kids and live it up doing all sorts of fun activities like zip lining and hiking in the rain forest. 

You just woke up… what is the first thing that pops in your head?

Creamer, then coffee.  I love creamer and have gotten myself addicted to coffee as a result of liking the taste of flavored creamer so much. 

If you could sit on a park bench with anyone from the past or future… Who would it be?

My grandma.  We called her Nani.  She passed away just about 6 weeks ago and I already miss her incredibly.  She was such an amazing lady and if I could get her back for one more day to sit next to me while we watch my kids play that would be amazing.

What has been your biggest challenge in blogging so Far?  

Social media.  I'm not naturally a very "plugged in" person.  In fact my friends and family give me a hard time for not even answering texts or checking my voicemail, so now that keeping up with all of the social media channels has become part of my job, I struggle to figure it all out and really join in the conversations.  It really can suck you in.  I sorta have a rule that I can only be working on blog stuff when my kids are sleeping or when my husband is home to have some one on one time with them.  But I remind myself daily that, being a stay at home mom is an opportunity that I don't take for granted and I know that I will never get time back.  So if that means that my blog is slow to grow, or I only post twice a week, that has to be ok with me.

What excites you the most about blogging?

I have big dreams for my little blog.  It really has tapped into a creative and business side of me that I didn't really know was there before.  I look forward to one day working with some of my favorite brands and meeting some of the bloggers I've met along the way in person.  But mostly, I look forward to the unknown.

Any advice for newbie bloggers? 3 tips to make blogging easier

1. Start on self hosted wordpress.  I started on blogger and switching over was a task and a half.
2. The hardest one to do.  Don't compare yourself to other bloggers.  Blogging can take over your entire life quickly if you let it.  Set limits for how much time you are willing to put into it and stick to it knowing that you may grow slower, but you will have a fuller life.  This will also make you super efficient, not right away but with practice.
3. Make friends and join together to help each other grow.  If no one is asking you to join their group, create your own.  This is actually ideal, because you will be promoting each other's work and this way you will get to hand pick some really talented people that you will look forward to promoting. 

If you would like to follow Corey, here is her Social Media:

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Don't you just love that Tripod lamp?  Gorgeous!  I also  saw this paperplane crib mobile on the blog and my seven year old wants one for his room.  I agree with Corey's tips for new bloggers, I wish I had also started on Wordpress, because I know moving over from Blogger will be a pain in tooshie.  If you want to see more of Corey's projects,  then head on over to Tiny Sidekick. Tell her I sent ya. ;)
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