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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tips for Buying a New Stove

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram will have me heard me whine say that our oven died unexpectedly awhile ago and we had to buy a new stove. Oh, have I mentioned I'm on Instagram now?

This purchase was not part of the kitchen update that we have going on, not even for phase two.  I was sooo bummed out about it, it took me over a month to make a decision and pull the trigger on buying the most used appliance in my house! Don't even ask, how I got through the month.

But I did, and I'm so happy I did.  The oven temperature now goes over 200 and it doesn't take an hour to boil water.  #smallpleasures.

Since it took me a month to "research" my stove purchase I thought I'd share some tips on how I made the decision..

Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy your next stove.

1. What stovetop/ oven features are on your must have list.
  • I really wanted a gas stove, but after talking to repairman I knew it was going to be expensive (estimate of $500) to install the gas line.  So I nixed that idea pretty quick.  Have I mentioned this purchase was not in kitchen update budget? Instead I went with a stove that "looks" like a gas range with the buttons in the front. I don't have to worry about reaching over steaming pots and burning myself (yes it happens) when touch the knobs in the back.
  • I wanted a "keep warm" burner, because I can never time things properly, I don't want to scorch food to keep it warm on regular burner.
  • I use larger pots on my stovetop, so I need to have burners to accommodate the size of my pots.
  • I bake a lot, so having triple racks in my oven was a must too.
Tips for Buying a New Stove

2. Ask your friends, what they have and what they love and don't love about their stove.

  • I asked on Facebook, and everyone was very open about what things to watch for. 

3. Shop around.

  • Like I said, I waited while to buy my stove (because I was being frugal smart) and went to a bunch of different stores with flyers in hand. The exact same stove sometimes varied $200-300 in price from store-to-store.  
  • I was able to negotiate on delivery cost (they cut in half) and removal of the previous stove. In my area, I can usually put old appliance curb-side two to three days before garbage day and metal scavengers will gladly take it away from me.  Problem for me, i was didn't want to haul it to the front of the driveway.  I managed to get them to not charge me to take my old stove away. I saved $25 on that.
Tips for Buying a New Stove

4. Brand loyalty...  Research review on-line

  • I don't know about you but large kitchen appliances are is not something i buy often. I compare it to buying a car (although less expensive, I hope). A specific brand you might already have in your home, might have had problems with lasted models. Check on0line and see what others have said.  Bear in mind that if more than one person has complained about the same issue with a  particular brand there is a high chance you may have the same problem.

Tips for Buying a New Stove

5. If you go with Gas... what is the installation cost?

  • Like I said I really wanted a gas stove, but when I talked to gas installer, it was going to be expensive, because of where my stove is in relation to my furnace.  That cost will be on top of the cost of your stove.  For me, it wasn't worth it.
Tips for Buying a New Stove

What are feature do you look for in a stove?  Any other tips I have missed?

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