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Monday, 12 May 2014

Losing it and Winning! - Week 1

Hey all!

Well, I'm done my first week of my Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge. Wow... what a week it was. As I promised last week, here is how I did this week.


This past week, we were on a Re-set week , where we had 3 meal replacement smoothies and two bars, plus we were allowed 1 serving of fruit and one of vegetable for 5 days.  Plus we drank alot of water to flush our system. This "re-set" is to eliminate cravings and get your system going. I started my re-set on Monday.  And it was hard at first, but as the week progressed, it got better. By Friday night I was looking forward to "eating" again on Saturday morning.

This time around, I've decided to 100% cut caffeine out of my diet (I sometimes drank 2-3 large cups of coffee a day).  So as of last Sunday (May 4), I'm caffeine free.  At around noon last Sunday my caffeine-withdrawal headache hit me, and it was Thursday before I felt well again.  It was a struggle most days to do my HIIT classes or anything else, while dealing with the headache but I kept on working out. Most days I had to "talk myself" into going to the classes and just get it done!!  Looking back now, I'm glad I did!


Like I told you last week, this is my second time doing this challenge.  One thing I learned last time was, that if I didn't plan out my meals for the week, I was sure to not stick to my meal plan. 

That is one of my targets to focus on this time... Plan my meals in advance.

I shared on Instagram, my meals for the next 5 days .  I am only planning my meals until Wednesday, because I don't want to spoil food.  I will do it again on Tuesday night or Wednesday for Thursday - Sunday and then start again on Sunday.

menu planning for weight loss

The other thing, I've done is set a daily eating schedule for myself, so no matter how busy my day gets, I HAVE to stop to eat... or else I'lll forget. If I'm out and about, I bring my meals with me.

This is the schedule: 7-7:30 - breakfast, 10-10:30 - morning snack, 12:30 - 1:00 - lunch, 3- 3:30 - afternoon snack, 6-6:30 - dinner, 9- evening snack.  I go to bed at 10, so I need to cut my last "meal" about an hour before bed, for digestion. 


Here are my measurements as of  Sunday, May 11, 2014:

Weight:  164.8 lbs
Bust: 41 1/2" 
Waist: 38" 
Butt:  40"

My weight is substantially down this week  - 7.5 lbs (4.4%).  I think, it's a good start. 
(This weight loss competition is based on % loss of original starting weight.)


My workouts this week comprised of a total of 5 HIIT classes (Sun-Sat), 5 km/3.1miles run on treadmill, and one day of a personal workout picked out by my trainer (45 minutes, and then lots of stretching afterwards.  I took Tuesday as my rest day, because I headache was pretty intense, but ended up walking my dog for 45 minutes while Haley was in Baseball practice. I usually walk my dog twice a day for about 20 minutes each time.

Funny story, on Friday I was lifting a barbell that I thought was "heavy enough for me" while doing a personal workout that my trainer had given me.  She had left me to do "my thing", to go talk to someone that had walked in the gym.  When she came back to check on me, she says "ummm... no those weights are too low for you". I said "no their perfect". She brought over another barbell, that made my heart stop when I saw it.  I didn't know where to cry or run for the hills.  In the end she worked with on proper positioning and I was able to do a "clean and jerk" and lift 65 pound barbell... way above my head.  I did twice.  I felt like a champion.

I'm looking forward to this next week, as I have normal food to eat again. berries... yumm. I have 5 classes on my schedule for the week, plus a couple personal workouts planned as well.  With baseball starting up for my two younger kiddos it's going to be a tough week.  My hubby is still working long insane hours and can't help with kids right now (which I'm ok with).  I do ALL my workouts when kids are in school.

Thanks for all the kind comments last week, I appreciate the support.

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