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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Anthony's First Communion

Hi everyone!

Just popping in with a quick family update.  I do it mostly for me to record family events and funny things that my little guy says that just makes me want to laugh out loud!

Anthony had his first communion this past weekend.  He absolutely refused to wear a suit, have his shirt tucked in (for very long) or wear dress shoes.  We managed to find him dress pants, dress shirt and vest and tie, and he was happy with that and I was happy with it too. If you noticed he is wearing his summer sandals, "just like Jesus used to".

The week leading up to the ceremony, we talked alot about what his First Communion was all about and what was going to happen at the church.  The morning of, he had his first reconciliation which he was nervous about.  Afterwards I took him for his haircut and he wanted "cool, spiky hair"

Of course as is typical with Anthony, he had ants-in-his-pants the entire time during mass and kept asking when he would be receiving "the body of Christ" every couple of minutes.  I kept telling him soon.  He was soooo excited about that. He said, "I've been waiting all year for this moment!". So then it was our moment to go up, and as Scott and I stood behind him, Anthony received "the eucharist" from Father Bob.  And then off he went to sit in the pew, while his dad and I received the the eucharist and blessing.  Once I made my way back to him, Anthony looked at me and says "Is it supposed to taste like cardboard??" It was all I could do to not break out laughing. He seemed to be disappointed that it didn't have any taste.  Later we had a chat about it.

After mass, we barely had time to take any pictures, because he wanted to go home and change back into his shirt and shorts and play with his cousins and have "tasty food".

It was a beautiful day and it was great having aunts and uncles over to celebrate Anthony's big day.  Of course, I didn't get any other pictures. He refused to pose at the church and then we got home, it was all about the food. Since I'm eating differently than most of my family I didn't get to enjoy any of it, but I heard the dessert was fabulous.  I will share recipe in the next couple of days.

Have you ever worked your expectations up so high and then been disappointed like my Anthony was?

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