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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Dreaming of a Backyard Oasis!

We've lived in our new house for about 11 months and the one thing that I have longed for is privacy in our backyard.  I feel like I live in a fishbowl, since we are in down-grade and our neighbors look into our backyard.

I've already started moving some things around, so I'll show you what we were dealing with.  Here are some pics from last summer when we did the final walk-through of the house.  There was not much colour back there... only green.

To the left of the picture (out of shot), it is bare, only grass (and some weeds).  The back fence was bare as well.  The tree beside the shed is lovely and offers tons of privacy from the house behind us and to the right of the shed. But that's all we had back there.

I really want to break up all that green and add some texture, and some colour and some privacy.

I started moving things around and with a very small budget I purchased some things and it's feeling a little better already. Not perfect but better.  I'll show you in another post what I've done.

And now unto the back of the house...

Our back of the house faces west, so we get the sun beating down on us all afternoon long and into the early evening. Those patio umbrellas are useless as far as I'm concerned. As soon as I get it at the right angle along comes a gust of wind and turns it on me.

So here is what we are thinking of doing.

We are thinking of adding a covered porch on the back.

And adding  some spotlights...

And maybe reusing a fan that is currently in the kitchen and looking for a new home...

- – - – - – - – - – - -- – - – - – -

So this is what I've been dreaming about. Which in other words, I've made some calls and I'm in the process of getting quotes to see if we can afford it this year or if we need to wait awhile longer. Since we just update the kitchen recently, I may need to put it off for a little while in live in my fishbowl.

What is your backyard like? Do you have complete privacy or are you in new construction area, and waiting for trees to mature?

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