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Monday, 30 June 2014

Losing it and Winning - Week 8

Hey all, welcome back to another weekly recap of my weight loss challenge.  Don't worry you only have another 4 weeks left of hearing about it.  ;) 

If you are new to this series, I wrote a little bit about my 12 week challenge in this post.  Here are the recaps for week 1week 2week 3week 4week 5week 6 and week 7.

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Here are my measurements as of  Sunday, June 29, 2014:

Weight:  150.3 lbs
Bust:       38" 
Waist:     31 1/2" 
Butt:       37.5"

I lost almost 3lbs this week!!  Some of my weight measurements have also gone down a little bit.

Here is my original starting weight and the measurements as of Sunday, May 4, 2014:

Weight:  172.3 lbs
Bust: 41 1/2"
Waist: 39 1/4"
Butt:  40"

Overall since May 4, 2014, I'm down 22lbs which works out to about 12.77%.  This challenge is based on the % of original weight lost. I'm in third place as of right now (the girl in first place is at 12.81%). Our names and percentages of weight lost is posted on a board in the main gym after each weekly weigh-in for all to see.  It's sad to see the names on the boards dwindling down as some people drop out of the competition.  There are two other groups (a Tuesday and Thursday evening class, I'm on the Sunday morning group), and there are only 2-3 names whose % go up every week from each group because either they don't show up that week for weigh in or they have dropped out of competition.  In our group, I think 3-4 people out 8 originals have completely dropped out of the group. I feel really bad for them, because I know how hard it is to even show up the first time or even sign up for the challenge, I've been there.  And to see them give up when the going got tough, is really sad. For some of these ladies it was their second, maybe even third time, trying to loose the weight with this challenge.  It just goes to show you how tough this challenge is, not just physically but mentally as well. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and pushing through all the mental and physical fatigue every single day.


This week, my hip that I injured a few weeks ago, was feeling so much better, although my hamstrings are still very very tight.  I'm trying my very best to loosen them by stretching and rolling them out but it's still a struggle. I doubt they will heal completely until I stop the workouts/running.

I managed to get 6 HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training) classes in this week, some tread running and about 3 personal workouts. I was a very busy this week since it was last week of school for all three of my kiddos.  Sydney had exams and had to be picked up from school everyday, since the buses were only running in the morning.  I also volunteered to help out at Anthony's school for a few of their end-of-year trips, and Haley had her graduation from grade 8. Here is a pic I shared on Facebook of her and some of her friends on graduation day.  She is the one with silver and pink dress. Aren't their dresses pretty? You can also see how she had her hair done on Instagram. 
I know the pic has nothing to do with my weight loss but I needed a pretty pic for the  post. :)

I know I haven't been showing you any progress pics of the body lately, but I will as I get to the end of this challenge. Although I don't seem to be seeing alot of progress, everyone else is commenting on how much more fit and lean I look. I do know that my clothes are looser and that I've had to go buy some new shorts to wear.  My hubby told me to wear a belt, but they were just looking like baggy clothes with a belt, so I went a bought a few pairs of shorts from Old Navy (huge sale this past weekend) to make me feel better.  I still have another 20-25lbs I would like to loose which will roughly translate to 2-3 smaller pant sizes, so I can't go crazy on buying clothes... yet. 

For the last 4 weeks of the challenge, it's getting really competitive at the gym.  I'm sure the other competitors (or at least the top 5) will be upping their workouts to shed bit of weight to win the competition. The last season of Biggest Loser competition, the winner ended up loosing 27% of her original weight (I think it was 55lbs), so I still have a ways to go yet to get to that number. I know that I will be increasing my cardio substantially this week.  My trainer has advised to start running on the tread on an incline at a faster speed.  I've signed up to do HIIT classes all week long as well as I will have to fit in my personal workouts too. I still haven't gone to the hot yoga class that I talked about last week, so I might do that as well to keep my muscles to loose.

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I think I have rambled on long enough this week, but I'm feeling chatty. I hope you don't mind.

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