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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Telus Appreciates Loyal customers and is Showing them! #ActsOfCaring

There are certain companies out there in the very competitive marketplace that really care and appreciate their loyal customers, not just their new customers.  Telus Communications is one of them.

Recently Telus rewarded this loyal customer of almost 20 years, Ramona, with the ride of Lifetime!

You might want to grab the tissue box, this one is a good one.

You can also watch it and subscriber on Youtube here!

Did you see how happy she was? I couldn't help but smile right along with her, and I might have gotten watery eyes too. What a great feeling to be appreciated for simply being loyal to a company.

Ramona's dream day, got me thinking what I would do, if I had a dream day.

If I could have a dream day it would be to take my entire family (including my in-laws, my mom dad, my brother's and my sister's families) to a 5 star resort. We all live such busy lives and it would be awesome to put everything aside and just spend time together and not worry about the little things in life.  I would spend more time with my nephews and my little guy, have a leisurely lunch with my sister and brother and talk about old times.  I would treat my mom dad to a spa treatment and thank them for always being there for me and my children. I would send my girls for many-pedis. I would treat my hubby to a day of leisure, because he works so hard to provide for us.  I would finish off the day with a dinner prepared by a Master chef, with each meal prepared to our specifications. Seeing my family members enjoy their day and be together would be my dream day.

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Ramona’s surprise was just the beginning. The TELUS Care-a-Van team is rolling into Guelph this week to specially thank TELUS local customers and the Guelph community with a host of events and activities that will be taking place all week long:
  • TELUS is donating $5 to the Guelph Children's Foundation for every use of #actsofcaring hashtag.
  • They are going door to door to the homes of their top 100 customers to thank them personally with a care package - a small token of their appreciation.
  • They are hosting a free BBQ lunch for their top 1000 customers and their families at the local TELUS store. They will be presenting a cheque to the Guelph Children's Foundation in the amount of $5000 - in response to all the uses of #actsofcaring. Donald Woodley (member of TELUS Board of Directors) will join the celebration to present the cheque. 
They are truly showing their customers that they care about customer loyalty and also rewarding local causes. Truly remarkable!

Are you a Telus customer? If you could do anything special for the day what would it be?

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“Disclosure: I am part of the TELUS Grand Gestures Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”
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