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Monday, 14 July 2014

Losing it and Winning - Week 10

If you are new to this series, I wrote a little bit about my 12 week challenge in this post.  Here are the recaps for week 1week 2week 3week 4week 5week 6week 7week 8 and week 9.

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I have had a few people ask me about an update pic so, I managed to take one yesterday after my group session.  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this already. Thanks to all for your kind comments, it gets me through the tough parts of my day, knowing that someone is rooting for me.

And to remind you where I started... My before pics taken May 4th!


Here are my measurements as of  Sunday, July 13, 2014:

Weight:  148.4 lbs
Bust:       38" 
Waist:     31 1/2" 
Butt:       37.5"

Here is my original starting weight and the measurements as of Sunday, May 4, 2014:

Weight:  172.3 lbs
Bust: 41 1/2"
Waist: 39 1/4"
Butt:  40"

Yeap... I'm up .3 lbs from last week. And I know why! Nope I didn't go on a drinking binge (I don't drink) or food binge. But what I did do, was miss meals (snacks mostly), and when I did eat they were not on schedule, I did not get enough sleep, I missed a bunch of workouts, I slept in late and my first "meal" was usually coffee first thing in the morning and I ate half a bag of Honey Teddy Grahams one night for dinner. Yeap that will do it! At least I'm being honest right? I'm just glad the damage was not worse than .3 lbs, it could have been worse, alot worse. The bad part is that I lost 1st place, I had it and then I lost it, because I was not organized and on track during the week.  But that week is done and it's time to leave it behind and keep working.  


Like I stated above I did not work out nearly enough to burn enough calories to promote weight loss. Working from memory I did a couple of classes (3, I think) and ran a couple times.  The running was nothing major, I think I did a mile or two on the tread each time. I was short on time all week and low on energy (lack of consistent food) and then my motivation went out the window.


At the beginning of the week ( Sunday, Monday) I was motivated and then it tapered off. Two many late nights at out-of -town baseball games for the kids meant I wasn't getting to bed until midnight and getting up the next day after 8 or so. It threw off all my meals, which threw off my workout times and my energy levels. It was one big ferris wheel that kept going round and round! 

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Two weeks left, and I've reset myself.  I've enlisted a buddy to work out with me everyday, early in the morning, even before my family is awake. My meals and snacks are all planned out and I will bring them with me to our late night baseball games this week. I'm not allowing myself any coffee until I've had my breakfast. ;) I've got this. I'm giving it 200% for the next two weeks to see how far I can take this! 

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