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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

{DIY} - Fall Sign

Well the FALLification (is that a word?) of our entry continues. And once again I didn't spend a penny.

One thing you may not know about me is that I hoard wood remnants. I have all sorts of pieces of wood in our basement waiting to be dealt with. So when I got the itch to craft and I wenr downstairs and grabbed a random piece of wood.

So this project was FREE! I love Free, don't you?

It's a little rustic. The letters are not perfect. But, did I mention it was F-R-E-E?

I think it looks great beside the new door colour which I showed you yesterday with the Fall wreath and also with my old Front door rug (which has seen better days).

And... because I like to keep it real "rustic" I haven't painted the trim around the windows yet. I'm working on it. ;)

That cement egg was gifted from friends of ours who were moving out of the country this summer and didn't want to bring it with them.  I just love the blue colour.

Back to the sign... I was inspired by this Giant Distressed Fall sign that I had pinned from Love Grows Wild.  Which goes to show you that you can be inspired by someone else's project and then make it your own. I'll show you how I made mine soon.

Have you started Fall decorating yet?

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