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Monday, 13 October 2014

And... we're moving again!

I can hardly believe it's been over a month since I last posted... yeap I'm a blogging slacker!  I have good reason though.

After our vacation to Florida in August, I happened to be daydreaming one day, so I started looking around at homes for sale in our area that were out of our price range. I mean WAY-OUT-OF-OUR-PRICE-RANGE! You know, just for fun.  Well, I looked at one house, and I showed it to hubby, who says, "we should look at it". What?!?!?  Huh??!!  "No we are not moving, I'm just bored and just looking around, I said.  Anyways, it didn't end there and we called our realtor Matt and off we went to look at this beautiful home which was way too expensive for us.  It was a beautiful house, but it was looking a little tired, and needed to be freshened up.  Oh and did  I mention it was way out of our price range? Yes, so we came home and laughed at ourselves that we even wasted our realtor's time to go look at it. And we both said to each other "it's only been a year at this house, we're not moving until the girls are done high school." Famous last words!

Needless to say, a few minutes later, hubby comes looking for me to show me another house he found on-line that has everything on our wish list and "maybe we should take a look".  I reminded him about "waiting until the girls were done high school.... blah... blah". Anyways, off we went to see it. And I kept saying "we're not moving, we're not moving. There is no need to move."

And of course, we fell head over heals for this house.  I know you are supposed to remove emotion when making such a large purchase like this but... I couldn't get past how much privacy the backyard has. I've shown you, that privacy in this house has been the thorn in my side since the day we moved in.

After thinking through our decision for a few days (aka cooling our jets), we put an offer on the house and after a whole lot of negotiating back and forth, our offer was finally accepted. But we still needed to sell our current house. Which sent me on a rampage over the next week! Although I have made a whole lot of progress on painting every last inch of builder beige out of this house, there was still alot to do.

Anyhow, I took the next couple of days, and enlisted help from family and friends, and I finished all the painting and then, decluttered and staged my home for sale. Luckily we sold within two days, with only three showing, just like the old house!  I am so grateful for the quick sale, cause I was seriously panicking that it would take weeks or even months to sell! It seems in our area, everything is really slow.

We are still waiting on some things to be settled up (building permits, etc) on the new house but if all goes well, we will be moving beginning of December! So, my home goals for 2014 are out the window and I can't wait to make new ones this January for the new house!

Here are some pictures of the new house from the realtor website, before it gets taken down!

That is woods behind the house! It's all treed and private and beautiful.... sigh.

Living Room/Dining Room combo
Family Room/Great Room
Family Room/Great Room
Family Room/Great Room

So, yes that is our dream house! I can't wait to get in there and paint... again.  Meanwhile, I'm going back to decluttering and packing and enjoying Thanksgiving here in Canada today.

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