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Monday, 20 October 2014

50 Easy Weeknight Meals & Easy Turkey Soup

Hey all!  I've partnered up with some great bloggers to make your weeknight meals a little easier this Fall.  We've put together collection of family meals that are quick and easy to get on the table at the dinner witching hour.  You will find the link at the very bottom to all the meals. Be sure to check each one out.  I'm salivating just looking at the pictures.  I know that my family will be enjoying some variety over the next little while! 

I'm also sharing with you a meal that is a staple at our house after Thanksgiving.

Easy Weeknight Meals, Turkey Soup

Monday, 13 October 2014

And... we're moving again!

I can hardly believe it's been over a month since I last posted... yeap I'm a blogging slacker!  I have good reason though.

After our vacation to Florida in August, I happened to be daydreaming one day, so I started looking around at homes for sale in our area that were out of our price range. I mean WAY-OUT-OF-OUR-PRICE-RANGE! You know, just for fun.  Well, I looked at one house, and I showed it to hubby, who says, "we should look at it". What?!?!?  Huh??!!  "No we are not moving, I'm just bored and just looking around, I said.  Anyways, it didn't end there and we called our realtor Matt and off we went to look at this beautiful home which was way too expensive for us.  It was a beautiful house, but it was looking a little tired, and needed to be freshened up.  Oh and did  I mention it was way out of our price range? Yes, so we came home and laughed at ourselves that we even wasted our realtor's time to go look at it. And we both said to each other "it's only been a year at this house, we're not moving until the girls are done high school." Famous last words!

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