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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

One Room Challenge - Week One

Nope this is not an April Fool's joke, I really am posting on this blog today.

I saw that the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda from Calling it Home, was happening again and so I decided to get my act in gear and get some stuff done around the new house.

We've made some updates to the new digs, mostly painting, but one room that has received minimal decorating action is the Master Bedroom.  Isn't that always the way?  The last house we lived in I made sure to update the master bedroom right away. Unfortunately we only lived there for a year and half so I only managed to paint the room, which was exciting for me anyways (I did not like the previous bright green).

But here we are again with a new bedroom and a new look.

As you can see this is the bad Before. I did not clean up for you or make the bed or get the cute hairy dog off the bed, so that I had a really bad picture to show you.  I did not do those things because I'm lazy, I swear. ;) (maybe just a little lazy)

And the opposite end of bedroom…

So are we all in the agreement that this room does NOT scream sultry and romantic? Although Jovi the dog has no problem spending hours in here snoring.

I have a pretty good idea in my head of what I want the room to look like.  One thing that is stumping me though is whether to place the bed against the window or leave it where it is. Our house backs on to woods so privacy is really not an issue like it was in the last house. What would you do?

Here are some inspirational pictures that I am drawn to.

(be sure to pin from original source)

SOURCE: Design Daredevil

SOURCE: Running Lawyer

SOURCE: Thrifty Decor Chick


Did you catch what I love about each inspiration pic?  The dark walls, dark moody bedrooms…  I also love the upholstered headboards but that's not happening this go around. Maybe if we ever upgrade to a King sized bed.

So the plan is to update you on bedroom progress every week… specifically on Thursday.

In case you are interested this is supposed to the posting schedule… I'm hoping I stick with it and not flake out like I have in the past.

Thursdays, April 2nd (week 1) - Introduce your space, and tell us your plan. 
Thursday, April 9th (week 2) - Show us your progress. What have you accomplished?
Thursday, April 16th (week 3) - Have you encountered any setbacks? Any happy accidents?
Thursday, April 23rd (week 4) - How's it going? Week 4 is the hardest!
Thursday, April 30th (week 5) - Did you revise your plan? Hang in there, you can do it. 
Thursday, May 7th (week 6) - The Finale - It's all about the pictures.
Check out other participants here { link }

Wish me luck, I'm off to the painting store to get my supplies.

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