Monday, 19 January 2015

Kick Start your Weight-Loss and a Giveaway

As I mentioned last week,  I have a big announcement to make.  Well, it's big for me anyways!

Since losing almost 60 lbs in 2014, I have been mentoring other women (and men) to succeed in their own weight loss journey.  I've been doing this through my local gym, Rev3k, and this is completely volunteer, as I do not get paid for  any of it or get discount at the gym.  It's a way of me giving back to the community that helped me when I needed support.

And you know what you guys, I think I've found my passion.  Since starting last year on this journey, I have found that I love working out. I love how my body responds to good clean food. And I've witnessed first hand the challenges and triumphs of finally getting that stubborn weight off. I feel strong and I feel healthy and I'm off many medications that I was taking before!

If you haven't read my weight loss journey, here is my on-line diary. In these posts I hold nothing back, and I share all the details.  Please, remember I was in a 13 week competition, so I was intense with my weight loss and workouts, and at times very frustrated!

During my journey, in the first week I mentioned that I had done a RESET.  That happened to be second time of me doing the RESET as I had done it earlier in the year as well. It's part of the competition plan that the trainers and nutritionist set out for us.  Although , everyone's results are 100% different while doing the RESET I managed to shed 7.5lbs each time I've done the RESET. Some people lose more, some people lose less, but that was and is my number.

So, what is a RESET?

With USANA’s RESET™ weight-management program,  each day you replace your usual meals and snacks with shakes and bars, plus, you get a bonus snack of one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables each day.  You are also supplied with top-rated supplements in the  HealthPak™ pouches which is included in the kit.

Over the holidays, I indulged a little (as most of us do), and when January 1st came along, I noticed my clothes were not feeling right and I was feeling a little sluggish.  Too many get-togethers and yummy temptations had gotten the best of me, but I have no regrets, because that is what life is about. Enjoying the moments, and sometimes food is a part of that.

 So I knew from past experience I needed to get rid of those pounds and get back to feeling healthy again.  So I took the plunge and partnered with USANA and did the RESET for a third time. Yes, I am now a Independent Representative with USANA!  Since, I have used their products for the past year, and I know they are the best, and I want to share it with every one. 

I shared my daily experience on my personal FB page as I knew the latest Biggest Loser teams were doing it the RESET as well.  We all felt yucky for about two days (withdrawal headaches, and lack of energy), but by about the third day, the general consensus was we all felt great. No cravings, and lots of energy!  Whohoo. Personally, I noticed I was able to intensify my workouts and get more done in my day and sleep better at night.

So you may be wondering about the Giveway part of this post?

This is the time of year, when we all make resolutions to lose weight and get healthy and get more energy. I want to help one person by kickstarting their own weight loss journey and I am giving away ONE RESET kit! That's over $100 value, FREE for you to try! I will also offer mentoring support via e-mail. I will coach you to eat healthy and start moving more.

And I know, from personal experience, this product works in kickstarting  the weight loss by combating those cravings that we all have (me included)

USANA also, offers a FREE online TRUE HEALTH ASSESSMENT and I encourage everyone to take the test.  It's about 10 minutes long and it's FREE. 

Here's the link... (scroll to the bottom of page to start test)

So are you ready to get the cravings under control and get healthy again?
Here's the giveaway!

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Happy New Year!


Happy 2015!  Yeah I know were half way into the month but I needed a little while longer to get organized!

Have you noticed I've been absent from Somerset Lane?

Last I left you, we had sold our house and we were moving to a new one, after only a year and a half of moving the last time. I've informed the family, we will not be moving again. At least not for the next 10 years. #famouslastwords

Anyways, we're all moved in now.  Older kids are settled back into school routine, getting ready for exams.  Our little guy, Anthony, is at a new school. Which is just a short walk away. I shared this pic on Instagram the other day... 
It's literally to 2 minutes up the walk way and back down. We are loving walking to school everyday.

The inside of the house is slowly getting organized, bit by bit.  The rooms are getting painted, and we are finding our way around this new home of ours.  I can't wait to show you the changes that we have made already.

For now I want to share you some more pics from Instagram of our lovely backyard which backs out into the woods. It's obviously covered in snow, but imagine the summer time.  I CAN NOT WAIT!

We are really enjoying our new our home and the woods behind us.  Even the cat has been hanging out with us. In our last house he rarely came out of the rec room in the basement.
A photo posted by Bette @ Somerset Lane (@bette_somersetlane) on
I think this year is going to be a great year, and not just because of the new house and new neighbourhood but also, because I have decided THAT I WILL MAKE IT A GREAT YEAR.

Everyone seems to have a word that they choose to represent their year, and I'm the same.  This was my word last year, and this year I choose Colour and Happiness. I guess that is technically two words.

I want my world to be surrounded in colour - happy colours.  Since I lost weight last year I've been updating my wardrobe and I've been consciously choosing  bright colours  instead of my usual uniform of black, grey and white.

I am also going to choose to be happy every single day.  After all it is a choice, right? When we get out of bed, we can choose to be happy or grumpy.  I choose Happy because I know it will influence how the rest of my day will go as well as anyone I encounter.

So there you go, a quick update after a few months hiatus.  I'll be back soon to share the new house pics, and a big announcement, and I guess we have to celebrate that I have been blogging now for 3 years.

It's good to be back. Missed you guys!

Did you choose a word this year? Do you make any goal for the new year? Talk to me, what's new with you?

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