I'm Bette, and I'm glad you popped by my little blog, Somerset Lane.


This is what I look like.  :)

You will probably not see me popping up in any other pictures on this blog, cause well, I'm usually the one taking the pictures and I'm not very fond of selfies.

Anyhow, I'm a 29 year old mom (actually 40 something, but who's keeping track) living in Southwest Ontario with my 3 kids, gorgeous hubby, puppy and kitty.

Here is a pic of my loves...

Sydney is my oldest. She attends a Catholic highschool and is in grade 10.     She attended a French Immersion school from grade 1 - grade 8, and is fluent in French. During the summer, she plays soccer and is usually the goalie because she hates to sweat and run.  She loves  One Direction.  She cries when she sees them on t.v. (reminds me of a certain someone who was once obsessed with New Kids on the Block)

Haley is my middle child, finishing up elementary school this year. Haley is my fashionista.  The child can go to Goodwill and put together a fashionable outfit likes it's no ones business.  She's got style.  I wouldn't be surprised if one day she ends up in Fashion industry.  She loves to play soccer, and hang out with her friends.  She has a sweet voice and I love to hear her sing.   

Anthony is my baby... I mean... big boy.  He is in grade 2. He also went to French Immersion school from Senior Kindergarten and grade 1, but then begged us to change schools because he couldn't "understand what they were saying".  He loves hockey, Angry birds and spaghetti.  Actually, he loves all food except broccoli. 


So, like I said I'm a 40 something year old stay-at-home mom.  My hubby and my kids are my life.  Throughout the day you will find me cruising the blogsphere,  scrapbooking, cooking, cleaning, organizing and hanging out with my kiddos and my fur babies.  I consider myself the CEO of the Household. One thing you will not find me doing is ironing.  Last year, I threw away my ironing board because the cobwebs on it were scaring me. Over the last couple of years I've taken up woodworking, and although I'm very far from being good at it, I've created a few things that I'm proud of. (look here)

I started this blog to keep track of my life in my 40's... I mean... 29th year.

I'm honoured that you've taken time out of your day to visit my site.  

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Have a great day!

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